CFO Plan

CFO PlanAs your established business begins to expand…

You transition into needing more quantitative data to make strategic business decisions.

As your established health care practice begins to expand…

To opening new locations, acquiring other practices and adding additional healthcare professionals, you transition into needing more quantitative data to make strategic business decisions.

Key performance indicators and strategic business consulting becomes essential to the growth of your organization or practice. Our CFO services focuses on the forward thinking of your business to ensure healthy financial growth and to continue to gain market share within your specialty.

Upgrade to the Rx Plan, designed especially for Healthcare Practices.

Bookkeeping (Weekly) The general ledger is the core of your financials.  Synergy Accounting provides accurate and timely recording of your financial transactions.
Monthly Financial Reporting Package
Preparation of your companies Balance Sheet and Income Statement provides the foundation for comparing your performance to prior periods.
Payroll Services Eliminate the risk of calculating and filing your payroll incorrectly.  Synergy Accounting provides weekly, bi-weekly, semi monthly, or monthly payroll processing and reporting to federal and state agencies.
Rx Plan Only Physician Compensation & Productivity Analysis Compensation models have become complex with the many changes in the healthcare industry. Synergy Accounting works with healthcare professionals to ensure compensation and productivity calculations are in accordance with contracts.
Rx Plan Only Synergy Accounting
Business Intelligence Reporting
Exclusive to Synergy Accounting and healthcare professionals, this is your secret weapon to transform financial data into knowledge to accelerate your profitability.
Monthly Cash Flow Projection Tracking cash flow sources and uses helps evaluate your company’s financial condition.
Monthly Financial Forecasting & Projection Having financial forecast and projections serves as a “yardstick” for your organization. It helps you plan across multiple time horizons through “what-if” modeling to make sure you future financial goals are met.
Annual Budget A budget is often referred to as a “financial roadmap.” A detailed budget ensures that resources are available for those items that support business growth and development.
Monthly Key Performance Indicators Reporting There is an age old idiom, “what management monitors gets done.” Synergy Accounting provides you with sufficient highlights on the most important performance factors that impacts the growth of your organization.
Strategic Financial Consulting As your company expands Synergy Accounting provides strategic financial consulting for your expansion, relocation, acquisitions, capital equipment needs, cost control, revenue opportunities, and banking and financial debt equity.Includes unlimited e-mail and phone support.