Our Process

Synergy provides a three-step process to help you solve your point of pain. Through our D.N.A. approach we ensure that we get to the heart of your problem.


Our first step is to diagnose the problem. We provide a free financial wellness consultation to uncover the pain points.

Niche-Prescribed Packages

Synergy has three niche packages that we prescribe to our clients to help relieve the pain points. Synergy understands that no two healthcare practices or businesses are alike so we have add on services to customize the prescription specifically for your healthcare practice or business.

Administer (Results)

Our goal is to keep you focused on what you do best:

  • Healthcare Practices need to focus on patient care
  • Small & Mid-Size Companies need to focus on their area of expertise

We administer the niche-prescribed packages for outsourced accounting & bookkeeping services. These plans are designed to help you see improved results in your practice or company. By monitoring your data you can:

  • increase your client base or encounters
  • lower your overhead or operating cost
  • increase compensation and productivity
  • and have a roadmap for growth and expansion.