QuickBooks Software Setup

The initial setup and installation of your accounting software is critical to the accuracy of your financial reporting.

We are Certified QuickBooks Pro Adviser and can provide set-up and training for QuickBooks users to ensure your accounting needs are being met.

Software Setup We provide customized software set-up based on your business process. We provide monthly, quarterly, or annual check-ups to make sure that you are “on the right track.” By allowing us to perform your software set-up, we save you the time and energy it takes to become a QuickBooks expert yourself.
QuickBooks Individual Training The individual training provides a one-on-one session that focuses on individual issues facing your accounting needs. Provides customized set-up to the features you will need the most-while removing the many you don’t need. In addition, provides a custom plan for how to use the software to increase your profits.
QuickBooks Pro-Advisor Discount Synergy Accounting is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Because we stand by the quality of QuickBooks software, we can offer discounts to our clients on QuickBooks online accounting software.